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4817 Hwy 58, Ste. 101, Chattanooga, TN, 37416

Lights, Camera, Action! Photo Booths bring events to life and give guests an opportunity to remember and relive the experience for a lifetime!


Real Props and Dope Backdrops

Corny is not our thing! No popsicle sticks! No tents or curtains! We give you the real thing, baby! Real glasses, real hats, real boas, and real fun! And our backdrops are dope too! Also, since our photo booths are “open-air” booths everyone can take part of the fun and you can get several people in the photo!


Major Fun, Major Entertainment

First Verse Productions photo booths provide a source of entertainment and create fun atmospheres at events. Guests can step in front of the booth, strike poses, and capture memorable moments with their friends or loved ones. First Verse Productions’ photo booth entertainers are extremely interactive and encourage guests to let loose, be creative, and enjoy the experience while capturing all the laughter and smiles.


Instant Keepsakes and Party Favors

First Verse Productions’ photo booths offer digital photos delivered via text message, airdrop, or email as well as instant printouts of the captured photos, providing guests with tangible, practical, and personalized keepsakes. These printed photos can serve as mementos of the event, allowing guests to take home a physical reminder of the special occasion. The ability to customize the photos with event branding or themes adds an extra touch of personalization.