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3 Keys to Make A Great Photo Booth Experience!
3 Keys to Make A Great Photo Booth Experience!

Let’s face it! A photo booth is a must have attraction at your event! Paired with one of our world class DJs in Chattanooga, TN, our photo booth experiences are a major hit at every wedding, birthday party, holiday party, or corporate event! They give your friends, family, and colleagues an opportunity to be silly and fun no matter who they are!

But, let’s be clear – photo booths are not there to replace your photographer. The photographer is hired to capture the moments at your event as they naturally happen. First Verse Productions’ Photo booths are booked to CREATE the moments for everyone to remember for a lifetime. In fact, even the most serious of people have fun at our photo booths. Each photo booth experience includes a photo booth assistant that knows how to make the entire experience a lot of fun, keep the props table clean, and make sure the photo booth is operational at all times. But ultimately, the experience is determined by the people in the lens – YOU! Here are the keys to making your photo booth picture AMAZING!

First, engage the camera and the people around you! Look right in the camera, smile as big as you can, and say CHEEEESSE! Grab your better half, favorite kid, or your most annoying co-worker and pull them into the picture. Give them a big hug or make a funny face at them. Engage them to get a reaction. That will get everyone hype, laughing, and having a good time.

Secondly, you have to use props. Use as many as possible. The best pictures are when people start to get creative with props by stacking them together and using them to create scenes. Included with the First Verse Productions’ standard booths is a full virtual photo album with all of the photos and boomerangs that are taken at the photo booth. Give you guest of honor something to laugh at and enjoy later by creatively hiding props in pictures or consistently using the same props in all of your photos.

Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Remember, nobody is going to judge you! This is the opportunity to let your hair down and be yourself. Be as goofy and as silly as you can. If the photo booth has the unlimited prints package, it’s a cool idea to tell a story with your pictures – it could go something like “How it started” and a few drinks later it could be “How it’s going.” Enjoy the moment and have fun!

Entertainment is the most important aspect of every event. It is the number one thing that people remember. What better way to entertain guests than to have a DJ and a photo booth? And if you are going to an event or having an event with a photo booth, remember to engage the camera and the people around you, use props, and HAVE FUN! If you’re looking for Photo Booths in Chattanooga, TN or surrounding areas look no further than First Verse Productions. We will make sure you, your family, and your friends will have the most amazing time. Ask us about our bundle packages to provide all of your entertainment needs. No matter the event type or size, we can make it a time to remember.